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The Ethical Evolution Podcast - Ethical Change Agency EPISODE 54, 7th February 2021
Ethical Goddesses with Sarah Bryanne Grady
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Ethical Goddesses with Sarah Bryanne Grady

My next guest was recommended to me by another guest and I am beyond grateful for this connection. When I checked out who she was and what she did and sensed her energy, I knew this was going to be a conversation that we were both looking forward to.

Sarah Bryanne Grady is a holistic birth and postpartum doula, a former psychotherapist, yogi and theatre artist. Based in North Carolina, Sarah has started her 7 Sacraments of the Goddess workshops that came to her through Mary Magdalene. The sacraments are all about women returning to their inherent worth and releasing the core wounds of patriarchy that prevent us from living our fullest lives. Each Sacrament is a rite of passage explored through embodied techniques, drawing upon the breath, dance, yoga, and even therapeutic theatre tools.  Working in an embodied way allows the concepts of each sacrament to be metabolized in your system so they become grounded into your physical and practical lives.

The energy in this conversation was truly electric despite the distance between us and we are both now glad to have met another soul sister. Enjoy this deep yet high energy exploration of women as Queens and Goddesses.

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