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Leadership Development With Deborah Dubree
Episode 6825th August 2021 • Law, The Universe, And Everything • The Soldati Group
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Leadership expert and coach Deborah Dubree joins the show to discuss coaching pro athletes and CEOs to become better leaders.


Law, The Universe, And Everything is a show featuring leaders from the fields of law, business, sports, medicine, spirituality, music, marketing, entrepreneurship, cannabis, blockchain, and beyond. We talk about anything and everything as long as its interesting. No topic is off limits so it's a bit like Joe Rogan meets Tim Ferriss but the host has better hair. Law, The Universe, And Everything is a production of The Soldati Group ( All opinions expressed by the host and podcast guests are solely their own opinions and do not reflect the opinions of The Soldati Group. This podcast is for information and entertainment purposes only. These discussions do not constitute legal or investment advice.


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Show Notes:

00:00 Show Intro

01:04 Https://

01:50 Guest Intro – Deborah Dubree

02:56 Interview begins

03:07 Becoming a leadership expert

07:08 The most common struggles in corporate leadership

10:03 Leaders as the best catalyst for growth

11:23 The most important principles of leadership

12:57 The coaching model of leadership

14:03 Overcoming limiting beliefs

16:18 The top leadership lessons from the NFL

20:04 Mental health leadership

23:57 Deborah’s favorite failure

26:40 The best investment Deborah has ever made

28:05 Deborah’s book recommendation

29:12 Deborah’s billboard

30:09 Deborah’s advice for young people

32:28 Finding mentors

33:52 Deborah’s favorite quotes

34:41 Deborah’s biggest hero

37:22 Deborah’s go to self-care strategies

38:49 The kindest thing anyone has done for Deborah

40:06 Show Outro