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Crisis Alpha Strategy for Black Swan Events
Episode 38th April 2020 • Stock Market Options Trading • Eric O'Rourke
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A Crisis Alpha Strategy is meant to generate profits during market corrections, pullbacks, or even black swan type events and can be traded as a stand alone strategy.

In this episode, we'll discuss a quantitative trend following strategy called the Pure Alpha Strategy applied to UVXY which is a leveraged volatility product. Check out this article for more information on UVXY.

The 5 year performance of getting long volatility using the Pure Alpha Strategy on UVXY inherently gets you protection before any major market corrections. 

Consider becoming a $5 Podcast Supporter over on our website if you're interested in the video training for the Pure Alpha Strategy discussed in this episode. The video training is in Parts 1 and 2 below. Part 3 shows the performance for UVXY discussed in this video and there's more to come as we look to apply the Pure Alpha Strategy to various asset classes.

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Pure Alpha Strategy (Part 1):

Pure Alpha Strategy (Part 2):

Pure Alpha Strategy (Part 3): Crisis Alpha study on UVXY

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J. Eric O'Rourke