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I tried this once - Journey Episode
Episode 2943rd June 2024 • Man vs Marriage • Quincy Moran
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I tried this once and it didn’t work! Has that thought ever crossed your mind after listening to this podcast? If so, I truly understand. We’ve become a society of consumers that want it all right now and demanding the next thing get here even faster heck we can go to the movies and see 200 years packed into 2 hours! Learning Strategies for successful communication and reconciliation require time and experience. We have to be marathon minded, train our tails of and prepare to endure. The reason this can be such a process is emotional attachment to feelings. Over the course of a few decades you may have some major wins that involve speed , otherwise you have to do the work and take the risks necessary to get things back in order. You may have asked yourself …How do I do that!?!

Have we got a deal for you !?!





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