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A Friend of Mine - OAK Magazine EPISODE 13, 20th July 2020
Expert tips on using LinkedIn with Think Bespoke
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Expert tips on using LinkedIn with Think Bespoke

Karen Hollenbach is the founder of Think Bespoke and revered as the 'LinkedIn Lady'.

In 2010, as a mother of two pre-schoolers, Karen took a brave step from corporate career professional to business owner in an effort to carve out a more flexible career, enabling her to leverage her skills and be present for her boys.

What began as a resume writing service, grew into LinkedIn profile writing for job seekers, and self-discovery workshops for professionals in the mid-stage of their career.

Karen is now one of Asia Pacific’s Top 10 LinkedIn Experts.

Karen shares with us how she started and grew her company, her insider tips and strategies on optimising your LinkedIn profile, expanding your network and content creation, as well as how to position yourself as an industry expert.

Meet my friend Karen from Think Bespoke.

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1:33 - Lockdown 2.0

2:10 - Karen's start up story

8:52 - Challenges of building a business

14:37 - Positioning yourself as an expert

17:15 - Greater return on LinkedIn vs other platforms

18:32 - When can we call ourself an "industry expert"

22:40 - Why should business owners be on LinkedIn

26:10 - LinkedIn bio best practice

28:25 - Appropriate profile image

30:28 - How to grow your LinkedIn connections

38:22 - What content to publish on LinkedIn

41:22 - Identifying topics to post about and engage with

47:20 - Myth buster. Will we be penalised if we publish duplicate content on a blog and LinkedIn?

52:20 - A friend of Think Bespoke


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Hosted by Kimberley Furness, Founder + Editor, OAK Magazine.