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Coaching Skills for HR Managers with Matt Somers #016
Episode 165th February 2020 • The HR L&D Podcast • Nick Day - JGA Payroll Recruitment
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Coaching Skills for HR Managers with Matt Somers #016

Nick Day from JGA HR Recruitment is joined on the HR L&D Podcast by Matt Somers, a leading voice on training and coaching in the UK and is also the author of  Coaching at Work in 2006 and Coaching in a Week in 2016. He holds an MSc in Human Resource Development and is a Fellow of the CIPD.

 Matt Somers – Coaching Skills Training Ltd is a specialist training consultancy focused on the idea of the manager as coach.

Matt possesses more than 25 years of experience in providing coaching skills for managers in the world of work.

In this "Coaching Skills for HR Managers" episode of the HR L&D Podcast with Matt Somers we discover:

* How to define the words 'coach' and 'coaching'?

* When or for what reasons should coaching skills be used?

* Can any manager be a coach?

* What qualities should HR look for in internal coaches?

* What is the crucial questioning approach to adopt when training managers/leaders to become coaches?

* How can HR build a coaching skills culture or encourage the take up of coaching?

* How can you ensure you leave a footprint for the coaching approach work completed after you have finished?

* How can businesses improve employee engagement through coaching?

* Why it is essential to create a business environment in which people can grow and develop?

* Discover the key coaching principles that can help organisations?

We also discover more about the critical individuals who have influenced Matt's career to date, as well as the books and resources that have supported him on his journey to becoming a leading voice on leadership coaching in the UK.

To find out more about Matt Somers and the links referred to in this "Coaching Skills for HR Managers" episode of the HR L&D Podcast are highlighted below:

* Order Matt's Book Coaching at Work: Powering Your Team with Awareness, Responsibility and Trust

* Matt's Coaching in a week? coaching skills Course (as discussed on the podcast)

* Matt's website:

* Matt's LinkedIn profile:

* The Inner Games Series by Tim Gallway:

* Coaching for Performance by Sir John Whitemore: Coaching for Performance

* JGA HR recruitment Services (HR & Payroll Recruitment Services)

* Nick Day - (Contact the HR L&D Podcast Host)