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Organizational Psychologist Zoe Fragou on how you can protect your self esteem in the face of workplace "mobbing"
Episode 12028th November 2022 • Remarkable Leadership Lessons • Denise Cooper
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What would you do if you found yourself being slowly bullied out of your organization?

Psychometrics is what we call the science of measuring someone's personality in a specific context. What does this mean for you? Personalities and values are all unique to each individual, and when you bring people together for a shared goal, you start to experience the culture of an organization.

Psychometric research is focused on assessing people's personalities in a corporation and using that research to draw conclusions about their culture. Even for CEOs and Founders, it can be quite difficult to assess the workplace culture that they are building. This research can also be helpful in identifying organizations that may be prone to "mobbing" behaviors.

Mobbing refers to the targetted act of trying to push someone out of an organization. Most often, this happens because a person thinks differently, they represent a change in the status quo, or they're being targetted for being part of a historically marginalized community.

In this episode, Zoe Fragou shares a wealth of knowledge on how to stand up to gaslighting behavior while protect your self esteem and professional reputation. If you're wondering what you could do if you found yourself targeted by this triggering and emotionally-charged behavior, this is the episode for you.


  1. What is your superpower? [02:22]
  2. Your research is on the psychometrics of corporate culture. What does that mean? [03:40]
  3. What's something interesting you've learned from your research? [06:02]
  4. What is mobbing? [06:57]
  5. What can a target of mobbing do?[08:48]
  6. How do you get organizations to take mobbing seriously and begin an investigation? [13:40]
  7. If I'm the target of mobbing behavior, what can I do to take matters into my own hands if HR isn't willing to step in? [17:47]
  8. What do you mean when you say these situations need to be handled with dignity and patience?[23:08]
  9. How do I start working on my own boundaries or my own self like that? What questions would I ask to even know that's my problem versus the organization's problem? [31:57]


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Mrs Fragou is an Organisational Psychologist with an MSc in Human Resources Management, a clinical psychologist license, a diploma in Business Coaching & Mentorship and a Certificate in Agile Leadership. At the moment, she is a PhD Candidate at Panteion University and her research is mainly focused on the psychometrics of the corporate culture. Alongside her academic interests, she is operating professionally in the full spectrum of her science, taking over projects of culture transformation, employee training and development, business coaching, personal branding, public speaking, and writing, for both private and corporate clients globally. She is a mentor for Women on Top, a feministic organization trying to bring equality in the workspace, a senior member of the Hellenic Institute of Coaching, and was voted best career coach in the Global Coaching Conference of 2021.