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7. From Commute to Couch: Mastering the Art of Remote Work in the Digital Age
Episode 710th May 2023 • Dollars and Data: Smart Solutions For Business • William Cole Smith
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What expectations are you setting for yourself as a business owner and your staff who are working remotely? What are the pros and cons of working from home versus coming into the office every day? How are you setting KPIs and getting everyone's buy-in for your business plan?

Cole is asking some super important business questions for us as business owners (or even just worker bees looking to conduct ourselves appropriately) as we consider a future work environment that will most likely involve a hybrid of home and office environments. 

From working on his family farm (an old school version of 'remote' work), to then using bulky cell phones and BlackBerrys while growing his media business around the world, Cole brings a wealth of experience to this conversation. 

Looking back on how we used to do things to see that in many ways we've always worked remotely allows us to envisage a future where we embrace modern communication tools and create a hybrid home/work environment that brings out the best in us as modern-day business entrepreneurs. 

"The future of work is gonna become a hybrid." ~ Coleman Smith

In This Episode:

- How Cole set up hybrid teams, including work-from-home and work-from-office

- How to manage work/life balance with the right tools 

- Creating expectation lists and tasks for your remote workers

- Investing in the right communication tools: cameras, phones, printers, microphones!

- Does your 'work from home' solution offer privacy? 

- How to create the perfect 'work from home' environment to convince your bosses it's a good idea

And so much more!

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