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On the Trail (29/36) - October Surprise
Episode 1413th September 2021 • New Left Radio • New Left Media
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We’re in the home stretch of Election 44 with just a week to go and the campaigns are taking wild shots to see what sticks. Remember the SNC Lavalin affair? No? Don’t worry, it’s hard to keep track with the myriad of ethics accusations since then. We’ll, it’s in the news again.

Francois Legault kind of didn’t not endorse the Conservatives. Will it make an impact in Quebec one way or the other?

Speaking of endorsements, in a shocker, former Liberal MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes outright endorsed her local Tory. How will it be received by the public?

In the Candidate Corner, we profile NDP hopeful for the Yukon, Lisa Vollans-Leduc. The riding is extremely competitive for the NDP and Lisa’s experience as in public policy helps her to understand how to craft policy in Ottawa that would be truly transformational for Yukoners.


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