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Why Does Menopause Coaching Matter for Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing?
Episode 311th January 2022 • The Coaching Question • The Coaching Question Podcast
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This episode’s question is “Why does menopause coaching matter for diversity, inclusion and wellbeing?"

We explore what menopause coaching can look like, the ethics around menopause coaching and of course learn more about the experience of menopause itself.

We found this episode fascinating and great fun to record with the energetic Kate Usher. She’s an experienced coach and change strategist with a specialism in menopause and gender equality. Kate’s also an internationally published author with a book called Your Second Phase: reclaiming work and relationships during and after menopause. She was shortlisted for the business book of the year award 2021.

Menopause is a life phase that's going to affect 50% of the population directly and the other fifty percent indirectly. Because menopause has for so long had this taboo around it we need some help in how to have productive conversations.

The confirmed statistic at the moment is that 10% of all women leave paid employment altogether because of menopause. However, it could be as high as 25% of all women leaving paid employment altogether because of it. 

Menopausal women are the fastest growing workforce demographic so menopause has huge implications for not only diversity and inclusion but business performance overall. The business case is clear.


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