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312 Jonas Rinde - A Revolution in Mutli-Person One Room Recording
10th March 2023 • Podcast Junkies • Harry Duran
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Episode Summary

Jonas Rinde, co-founder and CEO of Nomono, joins the podcast to share his thoughts on the potential of podcasting and his extensive experience with immersive audio during his time in the video conferencing industry. We learn about the exciting developments at Nomono, which allows up to 4 users to record high quality audio with just one button and automatically upload it to the cloud. The product is designed to be inviting and easy to use, with a charging case that serves as a "serving plate" and magnetic stability to keep the mics in place. We hear about Jonas’ journey from Sweden to Oslo, and lesson learned from his decades of leadership and management experience. He shares his thoughts on what keeps him innovating, even when he was considering retiring, and how he is now exploring the opportunities created by blockchain, crypto, and AI. Tune in to find out more about how he has used his passion for technology and his understanding of audio to innovate in the podcasting space.

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Key Takeaways

  • Discover how Jonas Rinde, co-founder and CEO of Nomono, along with his team, has developed a product to produce high quality in-room audio
  • Learn how Jonas has been involved in working with the Dolby Atmos team
  • Explore how Jonas has identified the potential of podcasting and immersive audio, and how he has changed his mind about retirement
  • Find out about Jonas' experience in the industry, as well as his insights into room acoustics and innovations being made with microphone technology

Tweetable Quotes

“One thing is building the AI and the algorithms, but also if you look on the hardware side (it) is the importance of Bluetooth and the Bluetooth standard, how that also been progressing. Lower power consumption, shorter charging times.”

“As soon as you have more than one microphone you get into all this complexity and these are the things we have control over. So we call it crosstalk reduction but also the bleeding part of it and also the things like room acoustics because you never have control over that. And also distance between the person talking and the microphone.”

“From our perspective, it was a no brainer for the podcast community. That's where you have a lot of storytellers and the creators.”

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