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Ep 95 - A conversation about burnout with Carlyn Neek
Episode 9516th May 2023 • OTs Get Paid Podcast • Trish Williams
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Are you feeling burnt out? Well, you're not alone! In this episode, we tackle the topic of burnout with the amazing Carlyn Neek, a fellow OT and podcaster and only return guest to date! We've discussed burnout before in our Productivity Series, but this time we’re going even deeper. 

Burnout isn’t just an individual problem—it's a systemic issue and we're here to share practical insights and spark change as we… 

👉 Explore the secrets of finding harmony, breaking free from the chains of overwork, and ditching that addictive social media cycle. 

👉 Inspire you to challenge the myth of "having it all" and embrace the present moment instead of chasing elusive goals. 

👉 Share our personal experiences and discuss the transition from being told "you can be anything" to feeling the burden of having to be everything. 

👉 Delve into the unique challenges faced by female entrepreneurs in the occupational therapy community and debunk the idea that we have to do it all alone. 

👉 Explore how organizational factors contribute to burnout, discussing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on healthcare workers. 

… and so much more!! 

Remember, burnout doesn't define you. It's a call to revolutionize the way we work and live. Together, let's educate ourselves on burnout and create a life of fulfillment. Get ready to thrive in order to become a Paid Peep who gains increased clarity and impact in your OT business.  

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