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Harnessing the Healing Power of Horses: An Insightful Journey with Belle Shook
Episode 117th May 2024 • Shift Shift Bloom • ActuallyQuiteNice, INC and TCOM Studios
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About this episode:

In this inaugural episode of Shift Shift Bloom's second season, host Kristen Cerelli delves into the transformative world of equine therapy with Belle Shook, a former professional counselor turned equine guidance expert. Belle shares her journey from conventional talk therapy to founding Equine Guidance, a unique ranch in Arizona’s Verde Valley, where American Bashkir curly horses aid individuals in healing and personal development.

About our guest:

Belle Shook has trained in the science of healing, and is also an intuitive therapist and coach who focuses on personal development, clarity after trauma, and spiritual interconnectedness. Pioneers in the field of equine therapy, Belle and the herd of Bashkir Curly horses, Salsa, Penny, and Mimi, assist people in accessing and developing their potential for living lives of greater health and happiness.

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Belle's Website

@equine_guidance on Instagram

@BelleEquine on Twitter

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