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93 The Power of Individual Purpose: A Key to Conscious Leadership
Episode 9314th June 2023 • The Happy Executive Woman Podcast • Anita Charlot
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In the quest for personal and professional fulfillment, many individuals search for meaning in their lives. One influential work that explores this fundamental human need is Viktor Frankl’s book, Man’s Search for Meaning.

I first learned of this book when a stranger gave me his tattered copy as we chatted in a coffee shop in Minneapolis during a pivotal time in my life.

As a conscious leadership development coach, I firmly believe in the significance of individual purpose in shaping influential business leaders. In this episode, I will share the central premise of Frankl’s book and explore why understanding and embracing one’s purpose is crucial for success as a conscious leader.

See you inside…

What You Learn:

  • Why understanding and embracing one’s purpose is crucial for success as a conscious leader
  • Four areas of individual purpose for conscious leaders
  • That embracing individual purpose as a conscious leader is personally fulfilling and essential for driving sustainable success
  • A few questions for you to ask yourself as a conscious leader

Featured on the Show:

Anita Charlot, the Corporate Metaphysician™, consults and advises businesses and organizations in exploring the deeper philosophical questions related to their purpose, values, and impact on society.

She helps leaders at socially conscious organizations develop a more holistic understanding of their place in the world by using real-world, metaphysical, and philosophical principles to guide decision-making processes that help businesses align their actions with stated values related to matters specific to their Black and Brown employees.

She is also hired by Powerful Women of Color looking to heal from corporate trauma, and thrive professionally, no matter what type of work environment they are in.

**New Book Alert** Coming later this year, “Doing DEI the Right Way…Not the White Way!”