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Living a Happy Life While Pursuing Your Business and Career Dreams
Episode 19426th April 2024 • Built to Last • Megan Huber
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Discover the delicate balance between career ambitions and personal life fulfillment in this insightful episode. Learn about overcoming challenges in juggling work and family responsibilities, reassessing priorities, and transitioning to an owner mindset in business for improved work-life balance.

Gain valuable insights on fostering open communication, setting goals within families, and aligning business with personal lifestyle preferences. You'll get actionable strategies for creating a harmonious integration of work and personal life, promoting a sustainable lifestyle built on balance and intentionality.


15:23 Overworking and burnout among young entrepreneurs

23:40 Habits and operations in business

25:34 Transitioning to an owner mentality

27:35 Integrating family and business goals

31:27 Finding a happy medium in life and business

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