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In This Moment with Toby C - Toby C TRAILER, 30th August 2021
Moment of Clarity: Honesty
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Moment of Clarity: Honesty

“There are those of us who are constitutionally incapable of being honest."

“They seem to have been born that way."

What are they really talking about? Maybe this incapacity for honesty is really a description of the agitated human psyche - a soul sickness, if you will. So, how exactly does one get honest? Some of us lucky ones finally hit bottom - and if we’re lucky we didn’t injure or kill anyone along the way. It’s here at the bottom, busted, disgusted and untrusted that we become open-minded to our disease. It is here that many of us can surrender, stop fighting and faithfully put our hand in the hand of another man and CLEAN HOUSE and we get all the answers to WHY. It’s when our mind and our spirits are calm that we can clearly distinguish right from wrong behavior. We have become honest.  Ah…Honesty….