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Farting Through Silk with Mooch Smith part 2
Episode 697th May 2022 • Ramble by the River • Jeff Nesbitt
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This episode features a guest appearance by Melissa Nesbitt and also includes the second half of the Mooch Smith interview.


-How to give your kid an advantage in sports.

-Violence and its natural place in the social order.

-Teaching kids how to manage money.

-The legacy of Butch Smith.

-Are NCAA athletes exploited? Should they be paid?

-How to fix the problems with higher education.

-Regretful memories of being an asshole as a teen.

Mooch is a great guy and I enjoyed this recording. I hope you enjoy listening.


Alternative sports medicine; cryogenic therapy; sports medicine; hyperbaric chamber; Coho Charters; college sports;; social bonding; summer jobs; saving money; Salmon; Chinook Salmon; Pacific Fisheries Management Council; Butch Smith; Dale Beasley; Orca Task Force; hatchery production; marine mammals; Marine Protection Areas; sport fishing; commercial fishing; gill-net fishing; charter fishing; salmon hatcheries; hatchery production; California King Salmon fisheries; Columbia River; Bolt Decision (1974); lobbying; teachers’ unions; teacher salaries; Western Washington University Men’s Crew; Central Washington University Baseball; 30-for-30; ESPN; Lumen Field; Seattle Seahawks; student athletes; student loans; federally-subsidized loans; student aid; higher education; scholarships; inflation; cost-of-living; rude kids.

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