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Singing The Blues : Sheffield Wednesday Podcast - Dom And James; Dom Howson; James Marriott EPISODE 41, 9th May 2020
MONEY MONEY MONEY: A Singing The Blues Special

MONEY MONEY MONEY: A Singing The Blues Special

Sheffield Wednesday's EFL charge has been lingering for some time - but there's still so much uncertainty and many unanswered questions.

In this special episode, we aim to answer every point and take a thorough look at exactly where things are - and what could happen next.

We are joined by sports' lawer Kevin Carpenter, and Ollie Saxon from Tyto Law to sift through the evidence.

Plus just what are the legal implications of the current Coronavirus situation - not just on the EFL proceedings, but on football as a whole and particularly contracts due to end soon.

Remember, it's rubbish not having football - but our sacrifice is helping to save lives. Stay home > Protect The NHS > Save Lives.

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