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Event Special – Accountex 2023 – Live Interviews Pt2
Episode 20Bonus Episode21st June 2023 • Accounting Influencers Podcast • Rob Brown (Accounting Influencers Roundtable - AIR)
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Join host Rob Brown on The Accounting Influencers Podcast as he brings you insights from the world of accounting and fintech at Accountex 2023, the premier event for professionals in the accounting, tech, software, and finance community.

In this special episode, Rob interviews four influential guests who share their expertise and experiences from the event.

First, Rob catches up with John Thompson from Wisdom in Practice, who discusses his session at Accountex and provides valuable accounting tips for beginners. Next, Rob engages in a fascinating conversation with renowned tax expert Tom Wheelwright, exploring the differences in tax principles between the US and the UK and tax simplification. Tom also shares his experience at Accountex 23.

Rob then interviews Ovi Stici from Xledger UK, which provides an overview of Xledger's features and benefits, discusses the importance of measuring ROI at Accountex, and shares his excitement about the future and collaboration with competitors. Finally, Clayton Oates from QA Business Pty Ltd joins Rob to discuss his session at Accountex, the types of conversations happening at the event, and Australia's technological advancements compared to other countries.

Tune in to The Accounting Influencers Podcast to gain valuable insights from these influential guests and discover the latest trends and innovations in accounting and fintech.

Guest Bios

Renowned tax expert Tom Wheelwright joins the podcast to delve into the contrasting tax principles between the US and the UK. He also explores the concept of tax simplification, offering precious insights to accounting professionals and businesses navigating international tax landscapes. Wheelwright's presence at Accountex and his experiences are further discussed, providing a comprehensive overview of his time at the event.

In another engaging interview, Ovi Stici from Xledger UK takes centre stage. He provides an in-depth overview of Xledger's features and benefits, giving listeners an inside look into the innovative accounting software. Stici also shares insights into the conversations at Accountex, highlighting Xledger's collaborative approach with competitors. Moreover, the importance of measuring ROI at Accountex and Xledger's plans are key topics covered in the discussion.

Clayton Oates, the founder of QA Business Pty Ltd, brings his expertise to the podcast, offering an overview of his company and sharing key takeaways from his session at Accountex. Oates provides unique insights into Australia's technological advancements compared to other countries and expresses his enthusiasm for the future. The interview concludes with valuable perspectives on the exciting developments happening within the industry.

Don't miss out on these thought-provoking interviews on The Accounting Influencers Podcast, where industry experts and leaders provide invaluable insights into accounting, taxation, innovative software solutions, and emerging trends in the field.



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