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The End of Ox Carts
6th June 2021 • Eric Ludy Sermon Podcast: Church at Ellerslie • Eric Ludy
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In an age of Christian mediocrity it is painfully difficult to aim for something higher and more robust in our Christian experience. We have a tendency to tether ourselves to what is familiar, even if what is “familiar” is pathetic. We often ache for something more, but continue to self-justify the reasons why we aren’t vigorously pursuing something more.

This message aims to hit at that which is tethering us to the same-old-same-old in our walk with Christ. Jesus desires us to throw off all the weights that are besetting us and run this race with vim and vigor. May we see the end of ox carts and see a radical return to the version of Christianity that joyfully embraces crosses and enthusiastically sings in prison cells. 

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