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InfoBotts - Frederick Fichman EPISODE 132, 16th August 2021
Infobotts - New, Improved, and Updated - Episode 132
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Infobotts - New, Improved, and Updated - Episode 132

After several months of tweaking, construction, and a lot of planning the new Infobotts Podcast is now going LIVE! More sound-rich content will be coming your way every week. This episode starts with a short Explainer of our plans and includes a full new episode of the newly revamped Infobotts. You can support us by going to patreon.com/infobottspodcast and you can visit our dedicated website at infobotts.com.

We hope you like what we have done and will visit us again for a new Infobotts Podcast each week from now on. Building on 131 previous episodes, this episode number 132 is ready for you to enjoy.