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The Pretzel, The CreativeMornings Munich Podcast - Marko Lindgren EPISODE 2, 16th April 2020
The Pretzel Podcast: 02 - Roots - Tatjana Krajsic
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The Pretzel Podcast: 02 - Roots - Tatjana Krajsic

On roots, their meaning, and importance. 

At the January 2020 gathering of CreativeMornings Munich, Tatjana Krajsic talked on the topic "Roots" at Velvet Space Coworking. 

Tatjana is a seasoned communication and PR manager. She started her career in Frankfurt and continued in 2014 to Singapore, where she worked for more than three years. She has developed communication and marketing strategies for a broad range of media and marketing clients. Today, the native Serbian finds herself in Munich as a Senior Project Manager at hw.design. She also takes care of the sponsorship management for Creative Mornings Munich. 

Linkedin: @tatjana-krajsic

Instagram: @artdesign_tatjana

Poem: Colors by Whitni Thomas (1991) 

Book: Finding Home by Rachel Jones 

Talk: These Are Not Unprecedented Times by Simon Sinek 

Instagram: Tussen Kunst & Quarantaine 

See Tatjana's talk here




Total Happy Up And Sunny by Sascha Ende 

Link: https://filmmusic.io/song/555-total-happy-up-and-sunny 

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