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22 – Competition Prediction: Bhangra In The 6ix 2018
Episode 2219th July 2018 • The Bhangra Podcast • Umer Qureshi
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Hey y'all! On this episode Umer Qureshi, Sahab Grover, Varan Rakhra, and Sid Pandit take a look at the Bhangra in the 6ix competition and talk about their predictions for the show. Our discussion focuses on:

[4:10] - Details of the rubric

[17:30] - Some basic things to know when watching live

[24:45] - Who they think will place in the music section

If you have any submissions for the mental health podcast you can submit them here:

Bhangra in the 6ix Rubric:

If you want to buy tickets to the competition you can buy them at

West Coast Bhangra HCB Mix 2018 by JSK

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