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Ep 19 - Exercise Can Reduce Your Risks of Recurrence by 30%! Is it True? with Sarah Newman & Professor Anna Campbell
Episode 1925th October 2022 • The Menopause and Cancer Podcast • Dani Binnington
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Did you know that exercise can reduce your risk of a cancer recurrence by up to 30%?! 

In a recent post in my Facebook group I asked my community of women how much exercise had been discussed with them by their health care professionals and what their biggest hurdles were. And we had a flurry of messages within a few minutes. Many echoing the same sentiment:

- It’s been very difficult to get support advice - nothing from my healthcare team.

- I’m struggling with fatigue and muscle pain, should I push through it?

- What kind of exercises help joint pain when you're on aromatase inhibitors after breast cancer? 

- I have been told absolutely nothing other than given a leaflet with about four exercises on it for after surgery, and perhaps even discouraged from exercising as I need to “rest”.

- Not much support at all where I am. No exercise referral programmes, no real advice given and if it wasn’t for me being a cardiac nurse I wouldn’t know anything about exercise rehab.

I am delighted to speak to two fantastic experts on the podcast today. Professor Anna Campbell and Sarah Newman. Anna will talk us through the research her and her team conducted and exactly what that means for us in everyday life. Sarah will talk us through her own cancer diagnosis and how she became a CanRehab exercise specialist, now helping others become active.

They both discuss how we can access some of these fantastic services and what it is we can each do to reap some of these benefits.


You can find more about Prof Anna Campbell’s work here:

Sarah can be sound here:

Keep checking as Sarah offers fantastic group programs for women after breast cancer and runs classes for free at Future Dreams House charity.


Here are the highlights:

(03:54) Anna’s story

(05:46) Sarah’s story

(09:33) What are the true benefits of exercise

(13:55) One of the big things that exercise does is it reduces the risk of cancer coming back

(19:16) How do I need to exercise and how much?

(26:09) Sarah’s recommendations

(30:01) The psychological benefits

(34:56) Where can listeners find more information 


About Dani:

The Menopause and Cancer Podcast is hosted by Dani Binnington, menopause guide, patients advocate for people in menopause after a cancer diagnosis, and founder of the online platform Healthy Whole Me. 

There is lots of information out there about the menopause but hardly any if you have had a cancer diagnosis as well. Many people say to me they have no idea what their options are, who to ask for help, and that they feel really isolated in their experiences. 

I started this podcast because there was nothing out there when I was thrown into surgical menopause at the age of 39, which followed on from my cancer diagnosis aged 33.

Through the episodes, I want to create more awareness, share information from our fabulous guest experts, doctors and other specialists in the cancer and menopause field. 

And of course, I will share stories from the people in our community.

So that together we can work towards a better menopause experience. For all of us.

More educated, better informed and less alone.


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