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Episode 111: Creation and Eternity - Interview with Gary P. Miller
Episode 11124th October 2022 • Bible Mysteries • Scott Mitchell
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Show Notes:

Gary is pastor of Grace Harbor Church in Arlington Heights, IL. He’s authored the books, The Way of Cain, Hell; God’s Prison, and the book we are going to discuss today, Creation: In the Beginning.” Gary’s website is where his books and children’s ministry Miners Bible Club materials can be found.

  1. Share with us your testimony of salvation and how you came to have a relationship with the Lord
  2. What led you to write Creation: In the Beginning?
  3. Approaching how science tries to explain “the beginning,” in the book you state that “science fails because it attempts to use the laws of nature as it looks at the beginning. God created miraculously; and the laws of nature do not apply to the miraculous.” How would you present this argument to a non-believer?
  4. You present the fact that God promised eternal life before creation began. Since God is eternal, share how you see the promise enabling us to live with Him eternally.
  5. You present a timeline of time beginning “in the beginning” when God began to create. Explain the concept of God in eternity prior to time, space, matter, etc.
  6. You also share the view, as do I, that the earth became without form and void as a result of a satanic rebellion. Why do you suppose the “young earth creationists” insist on creation beginning on the First Day of Genesis 1?
  7. The timeline of Chapter 13 is one of the clearest explanations of creation, rebellion and judgment I’ve ever seen in a diagram. Can you expound upon the evidence of God’s divine wrath on the planet resulting in Gen. 1:2?
  8. Share your explanation of the Firmament separating the third heaven from the sin-tainted creation of Lucifer’s rebellion.
  9. Do you believe the waters above the firmament is the frozen sea of glass in Revelation?
  10. What are your thoughts on the “flat earth” believers’ concept of heaven and earth?

Scripture References:

Refer to Gary’s book Creation: In the Beginning

Takeaway: God created because He wants to share eternity with you! He offered up His only begotten Son to make it possible for you to share in the new heaven and new earth after He destroys the works of the devil. There is an eternal purpose to all the Lord does, and you are a part of it!




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