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011 - Your Gift
Episode 1126th March 2018 • Assertive Radiance • Nadia Fleury | Alchemist
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Have you ever asked yourself what gifts do you have? Or what would you like to give in this world? Ever wonder how your gift and other people’s gift would make an impact in your life? In this episode, Nadia will share how she was able to receive gifts from others.

She will share her experience in attending “The Best You Expo,” in Long Beach, CA.  This is a show that started in London, the UK by Bernardo Moya. Nadia shares her insights and experiences as to what this show brought in her life.

If you have any questions, you can reach Nadia at

Nadia’s weekend would not have been complete if she hadn’t decided, on the spur of the moment, to turn around and have a chat with Steve Kelly, Advisor of Best You. The casual “hello” turned into a mutual friendship which may lead over time to a global collaboration between two continents.

Nadia also witnessed the power of collaboration when business leaders chose to put their discomfort aside to make a difference in this world by reaching out and collaborating together. Two of these individuals, Aaron Young and Berny Dohrmann are Nadia’s mentors. And for the first time, she saw these men in action by doing what they’ve always preached — helping one another.

Nadia also shares her experience in hearing entrepreneur and philanthropist, Ryan Long. We often time see prominent people on top, believing they were raised with a silver spoon. It wasn’t the case with Ryan. Ryan shared his experience and how, regardless of his adversity, he managed to be the best version of himself. And who would have thought that a 15-minute speech could have such impact? Listen in to find out. And if you have any questions, you can reach Nadia at