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How Nextcloud Empowers Users to Take Back Control of Their Data
Episode 62nd January 2023 • Craft of Code • Linode
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Enterprises face a huge data management challenge today. But, as AI continues to create an overwhelming amount of data for companies to manage and analyze, it begs the question…

…who is in charge of all this data and how do they keep it safe?

Privacy is at the top of everyone’s watchlist right now, and this Craft of Code guest understands the challenges we face all too well.

Daphne Muller, Manager of Alliances, Ecosystem & Support at Nextcloud, joins the show to discuss what Nextcloud are doing to give organizations more private collaboration tools based on open source technology.

Plus, she explains her thoughts on the unnecessary collection of data, data decentralization, and why Linode and Nextcloud are a match made in heaven.

In this episode, we discussed:

  • Why Daphne wrote her thesis on unnecessary data collection
  • How decentralization links to innovation, privacy, and price
  • Why organizations want to take back control of their data
  • The real reason alternatives are so hot right now
  • Why big tech is “shaking” – the four pillars
  • Daphne’s thoughts on what companies should be wary of
  • What makes Nextcloud so different

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