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6 | Alex Sadusky | Navigating The Business Landscape
5th March 2024 • Fingerprints On Success • Bill Barrett
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In today's episode of Fingerprints on Success, Bill Barrett interviews Alex Sadusky, a remarkable entrepreneur with a diverse background. Alex's journey takes us from his early life in a risk-averse family to his successful ventures, including Dental Card Services Alliance and TrueBlu Dental Management. 

Throughout this episode, you'll gain insights into Alex's unique path, his strategies for success, and his experiences as a seasoned entrepreneur.

Alex will discuss his transition from working in corporate America and consulting with McKinsey & Company to founding Dental Card Services Alliance and TrueBlu Dental Management. He ventured into a highly competitive market, where major corporations and intense competition posed challenges. However, Alex not only embraced this challenge but transformed it into a remarkable success story.

Alex will share how his upbringing emphasized stability and security and how he ultimately pursued a career in finance despite not having an entrepreneurial background. 

Over the years, Alex had numerous experiences, both ups and downs, until he decided to start his own businesses. He discusses the pivotal moment that led to this decision and the role of luck in entrepreneurship. He'll also touch on his current ventures, Dental Card Services Alliance and True Blue Dental Management, highlighting the unique approaches that set them apart from competitors.

You will learn about Alex's philosophy of formulating hypotheses, testing them, and quickly adjusting course when necessary. He emphasizes the importance of failing and learning from failures, as well as the value of being open to change and adaptation.

Listen now to gain insights from Alex's entrepreneurial journey and discover his guiding principles for success!.

What You’ll Learn in this Show:

  • The power of being hypothesis-driven and embracing failure
  • The importance of understanding the math of your business
  • The value of having a great mentors and seeking legal counsel
  • How small, patient steps can lead to long-term success
  • The passion and excitement of helping independent business owners thrive
  • And so much more…


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