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How to start Ironman Triathlon at 56 years of age with Michael Bryant
Episode 114th July 2020 • Success Inspired • Vit Müller
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Today's episode is packed with tons of wisdom, personal stories and great analogies into both personal development and business success.

My guest today is an executive coach, advisor and keeper of secrets who guides and offers another point of view to help people see a new perspective. At the age of 56, he began competing in Ironman triathlons. As a six-time finisher he know tons about overcoming adversity. He believes age is just a number, there is no expiration date on dreams and anything really is possible.


  • (00:01:40) - What inspired Michael to start triathlons at 56 years of age
  • (00:07:39) - Michael getting struck by lightning
  • (00:11:59) - 3 Lesson Michael learnt from the experience of being struck by lightning
  • (00:14:26) - Nothing of importance is really done alone, it's ok to ask for help.
  • (00:17:29) - We are designed as a species to be in connection to one another
  • (00:19:00) - What it feels like being struck by lightning.
  • (00:19:49) - Michael's first race experience
  • (00:29:15) - 3 un-resourceful states
  • (00:30:12) - Advice from priest before the race
  • (00:30:39) - Power of small adjustments for a long term progress.
  • (00:34:10) - Advantage of past experience

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