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The Swypit Show - Episode 6 (When is it Time to Switch to Swypit?)
Episode 616th November 2021 • The Swypit Show • Kevin Hodes
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Are you getting charged a non-compliance fee? If you are, then your current credit card processor isn't looking out for your best interests or your bottom line.

In the latest installment of The Swypit Show, Kevin dives into a key question business owners should be asking themselves today - when is it time to switch to Swypit?

Kevin and the team provide a top-tier customer experience at Swypit and they're always looking out for their clients' best interests. So what are you waiting for? Press play and find out why you should switch to Swypit and when is the best time for you and your company!

For more information on this very topic, check out this short video from Swypit here:


0:08 - Overview on the topic of the day

2:00 - The overall importance behind being PCI compliant

6:00 - There are multiple entities that need to be compliant

8:15 - Why you should be considering switching to a company like Swypit

11:30 - Swypit is here to help educate you on the CCP business overall to ensure the best results

13:00 - "When it comes to making a chance, we will hold your hand through the entire process"

16:10 - The problem with asking "what's your rate?"

18:00 - An upcoming military veterans event Swypit is involved with

19:45 - Closing remarks and how to get in contact with the team at Swypit

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