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S2E23 - Prisoners Pardon - Reducing the Risk in Fatherless Homes Part 2
30th January 2023 • Prisoner's Pardon • Michi J
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Guest: Rashod Coleman

Bio: Rashod Coleman is an African-American Police Officer in Philadelphia who grew up with a father in the home. Despite this disadvantage, Rashod has gone on to be a loving and involved father, an author, criminal justice advocate and to have a successful Law Enforcement career. Some of his achievements are receiving a heroism award from the city of Philadelphia and several recognitions for confiscating illegal firearms and drugs off the streets of Philadelphia. Listen as he talks too about growing up without a father, the circumstances of his father’s imprisonment, and experience as a criminal justice advocate.

In the news every day we hear about young people killing one another and or just going to jail for some criminal activity. Without a doubt one of main reasons is because of no father in the home. Fatherless homes has other bad resulting consequences too and that is; more likely to be poor, become involved in drug and alcohol abuse, drop out of school, suffer from health and emotional problems, and teen pregnancy.


Subject: Reducing the Risk in Fatherless Homes

Show Highlights:

  • The reason why his father went to jail.
  • Now out how his father faced more injustice.
  • Pardon and Sentence Commutation
  • Innocence Project
  • Reviewing Police Reports
  • The lasting effects of fatherless home


  1. Resulting family insecurities
  2. Structured programs and mentors are necessary, i.e. Sport programs/After School Programs/Mentors/Church
  3. Family sharing their experiences with each other.
  4. Police reward system should be reviewed.
  5. Families of those who are incarcerated should become aware of criminal justice programs, i.e., Innocence Project/Pardon/Sentence Commutation

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