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Cybersecurity Mini-Series: Why Security Matters (Ep. 1 of 4)
Bonus Episode17th April 2020 • Manufacturing Happy Hour • Chris Luecke
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Welcome to the first ever Manufacturing Happy Hour mini-series. For the course of this 4-part series, we’ll be teaming up with Rockwell Automation’s cybersecurity team to bring you actionable security advice for industrial manufacturers.

Steve Ludwig – Program Manager for Safety & Security at Rockwell Automation – joins us for our first episode. We start off with the basics as Steve shares why cybersecurity matters and why it’s a vital piece of a digital transformation journey; security isn’t just about protecting data and intellectual property, but assets, workers, and the environment as well.

We’ll cover security in the context IT and OT integration, discuss the inherent link between safety and cybersecurity, and wrap up with some discussion on where these cyber threats are actually coming from.

After you listen, forward this podcast to your company’s IT Manager or Chief Information & Security Officer. Make sure to visit for a full list of industrial security resources from Rockwell Automation. Stay Innovative, Stay Thirsty.