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How do you define community?
Episode 1824th March 2021 • I Totally Relate! • Rissy and Shelbs
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Those who surround us can have a really big influence on our attitudes, opportunities to learn, and our mental health overall. It would be impossible to talk through all the ways our friends and community has influenced us in one episode, so this is the first conversation in a series about "Community".

We share some of the beautiful gifts we have learned from those who have shown us great love. In the safe relationships that others have cultivated with us, we have experienced, observed, and felt: unconditional love, non judgement, a safe place to land in hard times, vulnerability and authenticity.

Along with the gifts we received, we also faced challenges. We discuss some of those roadblocks we have come across while creating connections, and the importance of not resisting our true selves so we can be open and available for connections with others.

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