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Raising the Profile of Payroll – Kate Upcraft #05
Episode 521st May 2018 • The Payroll Podcast • Nick Day - JGA Payroll Recruitment
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Raising the Profile of Payroll: High-level management, Government legislation lobbying and the steadfast pursuit of improving the payroll profession for all – with Kate Upcraft #05

Probably the UK’s most prominent payroll expert, Kate Upcraft of Consultancy discusses managing large-scale payroll operations, government legislation lobbying, consultations and practical steps everyone should take to help raise the public profile of payroll.

“This is one payroll podcast every payroll professional should listen to!” – Nick Day

Kate is a renowned lecturer, consultant and writer and a contributing editor for the Global Payroll Association with proven lobbying skills at the highest level developed with government and industry figures.  Kate has worked on numerous payroll audits and consultancy projects across multiple industry sectors where she has utilised her extensive payroll industry expertise. With ever-changing new and complex obligations being devolved to employers, Kate is increasingly sought after for her payroll and HR consultancy skills by both agents and employers.  Kate taps into her experience of managing one of the largest payrolls in the country (65,000 employees) to help advise on developing high performing payroll and HR teams.

Kate Upcraft is widely respected as an expert on all aspects of payroll and HR legislation and has always worked tirelessly to improve the payroll industry for all.  In this episode of The Payroll Podcast Kate takes us all on a journey from her time as payroll manager for one of the largest payrolls in the country to the steps she took to successfully launch her highly-regarded consultancy service.

In her interview with host, Nick Day of JGA Recruitment, Kate provides practical steps in this podcast that could help project your career to the next level.  We also discover what motivates Kate, we find out about a forthcoming trip that will whet your appetite, and we uncover a self-confessed truth about Kate that even I had no idea about (because she hides it so well)!

In addition to all of the above, this podcast is jam-packed full of excellent advice, tips, hacks and guidance provided by Kate that we hope you will find motivating, practical, thought-provoking and above all, entertaining!

This Payroll Podcast includes:

  • Managing high-profile payroll & HR teams

  • Making the transition from HR to Payroll

  • How to prepare for the impact of RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

  • Advice on more effective networking

  • Managing government policy-makers 

  • How you to maintain your relevance in payroll as the industry changes

  • How to mitigate payroll risks when undertaking payroll improvements

  • The importance of training and how to ensure your HR or Finance Director supports your quest to develop your skills

  • What you can do to help influence change at government policy level

  • Why Payroll should be considered a critical function

  • Why you should love payroll.

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