How to Start Feeling Good about Your Money with Pamela Capalad
Episode 6619th October 2020 • Minority Money • Emlen Miles-Mattingly
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What would you do differently if you knew how to handle your money?

Being knowledgeable about your money and finance, is the ticket to living a financially sound life. Money talks can be quite intimidating for some especially for minorities. However if you take the time to educate yourself and learn more about how to manage and grow your money, it can be empowering, and you'll have control over your finances.

Learn how to be smarter with every dollar you earn as my good friend, Pamela Capalad, the founder of Brunch & Budget joins us in this episode to talk about how you can change your relationship with money and focus on what matters most to you!

Pam will share how the idea of Brunch & Budget came to be and how she is empowering people of color to feel good about their money! She also talks about the value of financial education, saving up, budget, and how to wisely handle your money. We also touch on the topic of navigating homeownership, racial wealth divide, and business model that can help serve more people.


>> What is Brunch & Budget?

>> The inspiration behind Brunch & Budget

>> How Pam got into the field of finance

>> Navigating homeownership

>> Breaking down the racial wealth divide

>> The idea of keeping money in a savings account

>> Stories that helps us understand the racial wealth divide

>> Business models that can help serve more people

>> Changing your relationship with money

>> How to feel good about your money

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>> Brunch & Budget

>> Pam's Social Media:


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