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Oliver Anthony, The Chose One??
23rd August 2023 • Doctrine Matters Podcast • Steven Dew
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Did God choose #oliveranthony to be the one to speak to America? Did God choose him to speak to America through his music? There is a problem brewing in our world right now, and that is that Christianity is being labeled by what people are saying about Oliver Anthony and his music. Sure, his music speaks to a lot of people, but does it speak enough to save? Does he speak enough to save? Is he even a true believer? In this episode, I am not trying to be critical, I just want us to think Biblically about what is going on in front of our eyes. I fear a new religion is being birthed right in front of us, and many people are oblivious that this new religion carries with it, a false gospel. #oliveranthony #richmennorthofrichmond #politics




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