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About Time, Somewhere: 'About Time' (2013) and 'Somewhere in Time' (1980) Dissected
Episode 411th February 2024 • Silver Screen Happy Hour • Lawrence Lozier Films
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In-depth Film Analysis:

'About Time' (2013) and 'Somewhere in Time' (1980) Dissected

Join hosts Chris Wiegand and Jerome Wiegand as they dissect and analyze the romantic time-travel films 'Somewhere in Time' and 'About Time'. This discussion dives deep into the films' structures, characters, and plot holes, with perspectives drawn from their personal lives. Themes of love, manipulation, and the ethics of time travel are explored in detail. The hosts also critique the character development and plot, discussing the films' cultural impact, box office performance, and enduring legacies. As an added bonus, enjoy a fun 'Six Degrees' film trivia segment.

Discretion is advised due to explicit language and alcohol consumption.

00:01 Introduction and Super Bowl Predictions

00:36 Valentine's Day Time Travel Special Announcement

00:54 Debate on Movie Preferences

01:26 Introduction to the Valentine's Day Special Movies

01:40 Discussion on Movie Casts

02:42 Beer Talk and Tasting

06:01 Super Bowl and Time Travel Discussion

08:12 Introduction to 'Somewhere in Time'

09:06 Detailed Analysis of 'Somewhere in Time'

29:03 Discussion on Plot Holes and Trivia

33:55 Christopher Reeve's Hilarious Movie Trivia

34:16 The Impact of Actors' Strike on Box Office Performance

34:36 Closing the Book on 'Somewhere in Time'

35:34 Discovering 'About Time' and Initial Impressions

36:10 Plot Holes and Continuity Errors in 'About Time'

36:49 The Art of Choosing the Perfect Beer

38:26 Diving into the Details of 'About Time'

40:49 The Intricacies of Time Travel in 'About Time'

43:03 The Emotional Impact of 'About Time'

54:41 The Controversial Ending of 'About Time'

01:08:24 Reviewing the Characters and Soundtrack

01:08:55 Unveiling the Actors' Background

01:09:20 Analyzing the Script Structure

01:10:42 Discussing the Emotional Impact

01:11:08 Debating the Movie's Message

01:12:45 Exploring the Soundtrack

01:13:46 Reflecting on the Movie's Impact

01:14:15 Comparing with Other Movies

01:16:01 Discussing the Movie's Ending

01:18:00 Reflecting on the Movie's Characters

01:27:54 Six Degrees of Separation Game

01:35:33 Wrapping Up the DiscussionThe Wiegand brothers, Jerome & Chris, love movies, and they are fascinated by human nature and the art of great storytelling. Have you ever wondered how great stories connect? Listen to the Silver Screen Happy Hour - a podcast for movie lovers!

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