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Tails of Whimsy with Daryl Slaton
Episode 825th April 2022 • Artsville • Crewest Studio + Sand Hill Artists Collective
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In this episode of Artsville, we welcome one of the driving forces behind this Asheville-based project, the inspiring and wonderful Daryl Slaton. Daryl is a lifelong artist, having worked in many different spheres, including periods as a commercial artist for some of the biggest names in corporate America! As is apparent throughout our conversation, Daryl is young at heart and full of fun and laughter. He is also husband to our very own Louise Glickman! In our chat today we chart some of Daryl's journey as an artist, all the way up to the new and exciting work he is now doing with the latest augmented reality technology. Our guest talks about the hard work and long hours that go into developing a creative skill, and how he approaches finding inspiration. We also touch on some of the exciting things happening in Artsville right now, and his involvement in these, so to hear all of this and a whole lot more, tune in!

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Daryl's goal of bringing positivity into the world through his art and characters.
  • The importance of community and the amazing network of artists in Asheville.
  • Daryl's early years in North Carolina, and his childhood fascination with cartoons.
  • The first drawing that Daryl remembers; depicting a trip to the toy store with his mother.
  • Daryl's career working as a commercial artist in corporate America.
  • The revealing of Gallagher's character; Daryl speaks about how he discovered the tiger.
  • The themes that Daryl likes to explore through Gallagher's adventures. 
  • How the global pandemic impacted Daryl's work and creative routine.  
  • The new dimension that augmented reality brings to an artwork; Daryl explains his excitement.  
  • Unpacking Daryl's creative process and its beginnings in pencil drawing.  
  • Daryl's investigation into the world of NFTs and environmental improvements in the space. 
  • The work that Daryl is currently exhibiting in the Artsville Gallery Space. 
  • Thoughts on the warehousing of unsold artwork, and what this means for digital artists. 
  • Where to find Daryl online, and more information about the Artsville Gallery Space in Asheville.  

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