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What's Happened to the Quality of Stand-By Power Installations?
Episode 2025th May 2022 • DC Power Hour • Eagle Eye Power Solutions
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Stand-by power installations are a crucial part of any business or facility. They provide emergency power during outages, ensuring that critical systems keep running. However, many businesses and facilities are finding that the quality of their stand-by power installations is declining. What's causing this decline, and what can be done to improve the situation?

The Battery Blarney duo of George and Allen welcome Peter DeMar, the person that led the team that developed the VRLA battery capacity recovery process named the IOVR or IOVR+ process. These processes were created to help users that were experiencing early capacity or capability losses with their VRLA batteries. It has been proven that by utilizing these processes that any structurally sound battery that has suffered from premature capacity failure can be improved, and in most cases restored to a fully functional battery system. Of course, the process must be performed properly and completely to obtain the maximum benefit available.


03:08 – A lot of it is due to the fact of this continual pressure to get the job done. We've given you two days to do this but nobody went to look at the site to discover what has to be done. That's probably the biggest problem we have.

11:44 – A lot of the installation of DC systems is now being left to electrical contractors and they have absolutely no experience to actually install a wire in a DC system.

20:02 – It`s critically important to label the hands of the cable, so that we can find which is what.

45:03 – I don’t see it being followed throughout the industry so maybe that is one of the things that we need to look out for, training of the various technicians at various skill levels.

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