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Anti-Drug Coalition of Tuscarawas County - Get Level Podcast Network EPISODE 39, 21st December 2020
How Parents Set the Example for Alcohol Use - Holiday Edition
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How Parents Set the Example for Alcohol Use - Holiday Edition

Happy holidays, everyone! On this episode, Jodi Salvo talks with Sergeant William Bower from the Ohio State Highway Patrol and Jennifer Demuth from the Tuscarawas County Health Department. The conversation dives into the increase in alcohol consumption during the holiday season and how young people learn habits - either good or bad - from their parents and other adults.

As parents, we must be aware of our behaviors and actions around children. Young eyes are always watching and documenting what adults are doing, so be careful what examples you're setting.

Also, it's important to be involved with your children regarding alcohol and substance abuse. Did you know that kids whose parents discuss substance abuse with them are 50% less likely to use in the future? If you haven't had conversations with your kids yet, take this holiday season as an opportunity to set them on a positive course.

The holidays are a time for celebrating, and if you have teens or young adults gathering with friends during this time, make sure they have a plan. If your child is at a party and things become uncomfortable, have a plan or safe word your child can text you so you can safely pick them up. And be conscious of your reactions in these types of situation; your reaction will set the standard for how future situations are handled by your kids. Will they be afraid you'll get mad, or will they feel confident and trusting to ask you for help?

One final note, and this pertains to impaired driving. Sometimes, young drivers are living in the "invincible" stage of life, and preaching about car crashes and fatalities doesn't always register. Something to know is that the average OVI costs $10,000 - and that's not to mention the loss of a license, loss of a job, scholarship, etc.

So please enjoy the holidays, and enjoy them safely! Take the opportunity to build stronger relationships with your kids and set examples and standards to shape their futures.

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