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Veteran Voices Classic: Identity, Pride, and Purpose: Crossing the Line with Mark Ormrod
26th August 2022 • Veteran Voices • Supply Chain Now
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Service members are often faced with lines to cross: enlistment, tactical decisions, transitioning out of the military, and deciding what to do next. The decision they make at each crossroads not only determines the path of the journey they are on, it also plays a role in shaping the person they will become.

Mark Ormrod is a former Royal Marine, Invictus Games athlete, author, and motivational speaker. He joined the Marines for adventure and found direction, although not immediately. He completed his minimum service in 2006, but re-enlisted in 2007 and was deployed to Afghanistan where he found himself patrolling on foot, protecting local villages and disrupting enemy positions.

On Christmas Eve, he was on patrol with his unit when he stepped on an IED, losing both legs and his right arm and only keeping his life thanks to a risky new procedure that had just been approved for use in the field.

In this classic episode of Veteran Voices, co-hosted by Kim Winter, Founder of Logistics Executive Group, and Scott Luton, Mark is open and honest about:

• The journey with the Royal Marines that took him into Helmand Province in Afghanistan and changed his life forever

• His fight back from triple amputation and how found a new plan for the future

• The power and opportunity he has found in sharing his story with others

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