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Let's Paint Those Cabinets, Part 5
Episode 9217th June 2023 • A Minute at RepcoLite • Dan Hansen
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We’re talking about the steps required to paint your cabinets the right way. I’m Dan Hansen and this is a Minute at RepcoLite sponsored by Benjamin Moore.

First off–I know listening to step by step instructions in a minute format over the course of multiple days isn’t the best learning process out there. So, I’ve posted all of these minutes at– just click the “on the radio tab” and you can catch them again there..

OK. We’ve covered washing the cabinets with a good degreaser, then scuff-sanding and rinsing them. The next step is to prime them. And for this step, I’d recommend a primer we carry called STIX – S T I X. 

STIX is a bonding primer and it’s amazing. We’ve painted glass blocks, glazed ceramic tiles and other hard to paint surfaces and it’s clings like grim death. Because of that, It’s an ideal primer for your cabinets. 

STIX isn’t the only primer you could use – but it’s the kind of primer that’s a tremendous insurance policy against chipping and flaking down the road. Check it out. I’m Dan Hansen and that’s a minute at RepcoLite.






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