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State of EV Charging in Northern Ireland
Episode 714th July 2022 • The Grid • Brian Moorhead
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On this week’s episode, Simon Gallagher discusses with Brian Moorhead, one of the Grid Connection Managers at E-Smart Networks and Mark McCall, Chairman of the Electric Vehicle Association Northern Ireland, his recent road trip from Essex, England to Belfast, Northern Ireland, via Holyhead ferry.  


Simon started by charging the car at 85% to prove a point, so his first stop was at a Staffordshire Ionity site. He then very easily got on the boat to Dublin, and from there charged the car once again in another Ionity site, Dublin City North.   


All was well, until he got to Northern Ireland. 



  • The trip 
  • Funding  
  • Public chargers 
  • Investments in Northern Ireland 
  • A new set of challenges 
  • Pricing policy 
  • Capacity problem 
  • No-man’s land 
  • Decarbonization 
  • Ofgem 
  • The regulatory environment 
  • The case of Fulwell to accommodate EV buses 
  • What has to move forward 


You can find more about Mark’s organization visiting the website: