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How Specialization Can Set You Apart with Tessa Boyd
Episode 722nd June 2022 • Performance Mindset • Amy Calandrino
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In this episode of The Performance Mindset Podcast, Amy’s guest is Tessa Boyd, author of the successful book The Classy Hustle. She’s also a business coach and mentor and an advisor to organizations on how to create a motivating, creative, and educational workspace. Tessa Boyd is also the Director of Elise Esthetics Institute and Spa.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. How Tessa Boyd started out in the corporate world but veered off that path into entrepreneurship.
  2. Some common pitfalls to watch out for if you’re thinking about becoming an entrepreneur.
  3. What sets her apart from others in her industry and why specialization has helped propel her success.
  4. Why her faith has been crucial to her success as an entrepreneur, her experience as a Black woman in the esthetics industry, some of the challenges she’s faced, and what she enjoys most about her career.
  5. What a typical day looks like for Tessa Boyd and what she thinks is the most important advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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