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Truthspresso - truthspresso EPISODE 6, 12th August 2019
Tips for Liberal Arts Graduates
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Tips for Liberal Arts Graduates

Episodes 2 and 3 discussed majors that are ranked as good or bad for job prospects.

If you are thinking, "What if I have one of those liberal arts majors that are ranked near the bottom?" this episode is for you.

I provide three tips to help struggling liberal arts graduates trying to make ends meet and advance their career:

  1. Be the best you can be at your current job
    Good work can lead to better benefits and even promotions. Complaining doesn't help anything.
  2. Learn some technical skills
    Some basic business-related computer skills can help a career that your major may not be able to do on its own.
  3. Become an entrepreneur
    This doesn't mean you have to start a business. There are some good tools for freelancing and side hustling.


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