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Episode 719th November 2022 • Gloriously Unready • Josephine Hughes
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Everybody mentioned in this podcast series has agreed for their story to be told.

We are keeping the names of Josephine's children private.

It doesn't matter how hard you try, you will make mistakes as a parent.

The natural thing is to want to go back in time and fix those mistakes. But if you did manage that, you'd only make a different set of mistakes. We're all human and as humans we are fallible.

In this episode Josephine talks about some of the mistakes she made when her children came out as transgender and also the mistakes that she made in her thinkin in her Christian faith.

Has a young person in your life just come out as transgender or non-binary? Do you feel confused and have a lot of questions?

Perhaps you’re feeling frightened for them? Or maybe you’re feeling upset?

Download Josephine's guide for parents Help! My Child Is Trans at

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