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Stress Release and Sophrology with Practitioner Audrey Zannese
Episode 5310th April 2023 • Live Your Life, Not Your Diagnosis • Andrea W. Hanson : Author & Master Coach
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“When I decided to take the treatment, I made another decision, which was, now it's going to be my health first. It's going to be my work second. This had never occurred to me before. That was a massive shift.” - Audrey Zannese

Audrey Zannese is the Founder of Step into Sophrology in which she helps anyone, especially women living with chronic pain to take back control of their body, health, and well-being. She was first introduced to Sophrology as a way to help her with her diagnosis and treatment of multiple sclerosis. 

Audrey had always been passionate about preserving endangered species, and this drove her to pursue a career in science from a young age. After completing a degree in Biology, she delved into the field of ecology, conducting experiments and researching the effects of climate change on butterfly behavior.

Currently, she is researching the effects of Sophrology on individuals who suffer from chronic pain.

In this episode, Audrey talks about:

  • Sophrology as a mind-body practice of relaxation and meditative techniques.
  • Her big identity shift from her profession to her health.
  • How sophrology helped her regain balance and improve her well-being to live a happier life.

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