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057: Finding Your Fortune With the Perfect Financial Fiduciary
Episode 5728th November 2016 • unsuitable on Rea Radio • Rea & Associates
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Doug Feller, CFP, a principal and financial advisor with Investment Partners, joins us on today’s episode of unsuitable on Rea Radio to talk about how to manage and grow your wealth. Developing a plan to promote personal short- and long-term financial success is difficult, which is why it’s so important to meet with a financial planner regularly. Financial planning is a process, one that your professional advisor can help navigate. From overcoming difficult situations to pivoting toward changing goals and anticipating potential problems, choosing to work with a professional financial planner is essential as you embark on your long-term wealth management journey – especially if you are a business owner. Because it’s rare that you will find a single consultant or advisor who knows everything, Doug also suggests appointing a quarterback to your advisory team, someone who can help get your entire advisory team in the room and who knows what everybody knows and doesn’t know. “The most valuable work a planner or an advisor will do for you is keeping you from making a mistake when it counts the most.” If you are looking to hire a financial planner, Doug has a few tips. • Know what you want. Walk into an advisor’s or planner’s office with an idea of what you need to accomplish. Then you can begin the process to see if they will be a good match. • Make trust a priority. When interviewing advisors, consider whether you think you can build trust in that relationship. • Your financial interests come first. Make sure your financial advisor is a fiduciary, or a person who is required to put your financial interests ahead of their own. • Hold interviews. Talk to several advisors to find the ideal person for the job. Doug’s philosophy is that you should meet with your financial planner as often as necessary – any time life changes, your goals change, or your financial status changes are great times to ask, “What’s next?” Like what you heard? Visit to learn more about this topic and more. You can also ask questions and leave feedback in the comments section of this page. Also, don't forget to use #ReaRadio to follow the conversation on Twitter.