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Break The Stigma with Michelle Lauren of the Fck Depression Podcast
Episode 6030th November 2020 • Causepods • The Podcast Consultant
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Do you sometimes feel like your broken inside?

This can be the question that many people who are suffering from depression feel. Depression and suicide are extensive issues globally, and given the recent challenges 2020 has presented us, it has been on the rise. 

Lauren Michelle is the founder and host of the Fck Depression podcast who aims to help break the stigma related to mental health and help people feel ok reaching out and asking for help. 

Key Topics:

·     What is the connection to depression that this podcast became her mission (2:07)

·     What made podcasting the right medium to tackle depression (3:49)

·     What was the biggest hurdle in launching a podcast (6:00)

·     How has the podcast become a form of therapy (7:24)

·     How did she first find an audience for the podcast (8:22)

·     What is Fck Depression doing to grow the podcast (8:47)

·     Why did Lauren pick American Society for Suicide Prevention as her charity of choice (9:23)

·     What is her advice to new podcasters just getting started (12:40)

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Charity: American Foundation for Suicide Prevention


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