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Jane Dutton and Monica Worline | Unleashing the Path to Flourishing Within Organizations Part 2
Episode 2430th May 2023 • The Happiness Squad • Ashish Kothari and Anil Ramjiani
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In today's episode of the Happiness Squad podcast, Anil and Ashish continue their interview with Jane Dutton and Monica Worline, co-authors of Awakening Compassion at Work. They explore the potential for cultivating thriving cultures and discuss the importance of compassion in organizations.

Jane, a dedicated PhD and University Professor, promotes human flourishing through her involvement with the Center for Positive Organization and Compassion Lab. Monica, a PhD holder and Faculty Director at the Center for Positive Organizations, advocates for compassionate practices and is the founder of EnlivenWork.

In part one, they discussed Jane's flourishing triangle, a powerful conversation around positive connections, meaning and emotions. 

In this episode, they delve into the core themes of their book, highlighting the need for organizations to acknowledge and alleviate suffering. Awakening compassion at work means recognizing and responding to suffering with empathy, fostering both individual and organizational well-being.

Jane and Monica emphasize the integration of love and compassion into daily practices for organizations to thrive. They share practical tips for facing challenges and stress, including reframing situations with positive intent and developing resilience.

Join Anil, Ashish, Jane, and Monica in this enlightening episode as they continue to  explore the transformative power of compassion in organizations, fostering a harmonious and thriving work environment. 

What You’ll Learn in this Show:

  • Why organizations should awaken their capacity to respond to suffering with compassion to support high performance and alleviate distress.
  • Love and compassion are integral to high-performing organizations and should be integrated into daily practices.
  • Practical tips for facing challenges and stress.
  • Valuable insights into creating harmonious and compassionate work environments that benefit individuals and organizations.
  • And so much more...


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